Friday, April 17, 2009

M24 Inquiries about reading material

Thanks for the invite to the facebook group, but I don't have a facebook so maybe I'll try to create one in the next few weeks. To imagine that a group of 60 (I've been reading Samuel's blog) volunteers are all coming to Moldova at once is extremely exciting!
The main reason for this e-mail is concerning a book I just read. I looked up books about Moldova. Only a few have been written in English and since I haven't learned Romanian or Russian yet, I stuck to the English.
I just finished, "Playing the Moldovans at Tennis." Sure it is 10 years outdated, but it gives at least one man's journey through all of Moldova. He even runs into a Peace Corps volunteer or two. Its British humor and sometimes dodgy, but if you want to offer it up to any volunteers stateside seeking out Moldova books; that would be great.
I would be happy to send it anyone's way. Just send me the address and I'll take care of the rest.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Who We Are: The Gender Workgroup is a collective of PCV's who come together to provide information and support to the volunteer community on subjects related to sexual and gender diversity.

We offer a variety of different Activities:
We hold regular gatherings in safe spaces to discuss subjects related to gender and sexual diversity in Moldova, America, and as PCV’s
we facilitate trainings for PSTs, volunteers and Peace Corps staff
we act as a liaison between Moldovan sexual rights organizations and the PCV community

How you can get involved:
It’s easy! Simply email or call our coordinator to get on our mailing list:
Neha Raval: 068259407,
Once you introduce yourselves to us, you will be included in our email list, at which point you will be informed of our upcoming events. Our membership list is confidential, and there is no time obligation by joining. Just come if you want!

For more information about our activities or what is going on in Moldova, you can check out these resources: – Website of Genderdoc-M, Moldova's first and best established gay rights organization. Website has information in Romanian, Russian and English, although may not always be up to date. – In the volunteer resources center, there is a link to the Gender Workgroup. Here you can find general information about the group, including a list of those members who have chosen to make their membership public.
GLBTRPCV info– a website designed for GLBT returned PCV's, but with a lot of information, a listserv, and a mentoring program which can connect you to returned PCV's from the region.